Master franchises

The international implementation of MILANO BARBER SHOP it is structured with different MasterFranchise profiles.

What is a Master franchise?

We grant to Master franchises the right to own and operate more than one establishment, as well as the right to sub-franchise the opening of other establishments within a specific geographic area.

In that area, the master franchisee will be responsible for the expansion of the firm.

MILANO COSMETICS offers investors the possibility to develop a successful brand in the process of expansion.

Junior Master Franchise

Regional Master Franchise - Zone

National Master Franchise

Junior Master Franchise
from only 20.000€

    • You acquire the rights for 10 Barbershop.
    • You can exploit them directly or grant franchises.
    • Quick return on investment with minimal risk.

Whatever your profile, if you are as excited about this project as we are, get in touch with our International Expansion department and together we will analyze which option is the most appropriate.


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